My little brother is getting married next week. He’s the last one to marry, the youngest of five, and he still feels like my baby brother. I love his fiance and am excited to welcome her to our family. But I did ask her earlier this week if she was ready to join this wild crew.

When we get together it’s a pachanga every time. We are loud and talk over one another. We goof off and are silly and laugh a lot. We reminisce about childhood memories or teenage escapades and every time someone is surprised by an extra little bit of information they had never heard before. Breakfast is informal and usually lasts about 4 hours if you count the first and last cups of coffee. We eat gourmet lunches and sit around afterward discussing world economics or civil wars in Africa or mosquito versus waterborne diseases. We marvel and play with the three grandkids and anticipate the next pregnancy and birth with joy. I’m pretty sure the local taco stand folks cross themselves with a prayer of thanks when they see us walk up; we can put away quite a few tacos. And the late night card games… Well, let’s just say they are not for the faint of heart.

We are far from perfect. We don’t always communicate well and we’re not always sensitive to one another. We tend to be judgmental and cynical about certain issues. I can’t decide if we are extravagant or just really enjoy this God given life we have.

As we prepare for a wedding all the stresses and details just cement us together even more. They become memories that we will pull out and polish up and share together over and over again.

Welcome to this beautiful, crazy family, Emma. We’re so happy you’re here to stay.


One thought on “Family

  1. I have long been impressed with your family’s ability to fully immerse themselves in the lives God has given you. And your ability to find the blessings that come wrapped in life’s problems.

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