The party is over

Ok, the party has been over for a couple of weeks now. But somehow we kept it living on through impromptu dance sessions with Abuela and retelling memories of the wedding celebration over and over again. Was it the best wedding out of the five we have had? Was it because it was Tomas, el consentido, so naturally it was just better? I’m not sure but it was a damn good party.

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We sent my mom off on Friday and since then the kids have been moping around unsure of what to do with themselves. The pool is no longer as fun, the beach doesn’t hold the wonder it did when Abuela was by their side, laying on the floor coloring pictures with me is boring now. The weather has not been helping; with Hurricane Carlos spinning around off shore, moving ever so slowly northwestward, we get a random spattering of rain now and then and plenty of grey, close clouds.

P1080299 (600x800)

But this morning has dawned a blue and cloudless day. We will settle in to life back home without the crowd. The weather is cool – extremely humid – but cool for mid-June and it is still pleasant to drink a cup of coffee or tea in the afternoon. After a few weeks living in Cuastecomate it’s nice to be back in our neighborhood with the neighbors sweeping the street, kids coming by to play, and groceries available just around the corner. I have mountains of laundry and every surface needs dusting but I’m also getting the chicken stock on and fermenting my veggies, organizing the seemingly unending mess of shelves in the kitchen and playing with my kiddos. It a good, everyday sort of life.


One thought on “The party is over

  1. Your post made me think of one of my favorite Sondheim lines:
    Oh, if life were made of moments
    Even now and then a bad one–!
    But if life were only moments
    Then you’d never know you had one

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