Signs of Summer

Summer days, stretching long
like a body in the sun
along a beach starry with shell and sea matter

Days passing quietly
solitude, silence of spirit, coming close
becoming friends

Books piled, laying open
place held by rumpled sheets, strands of ripped beach towel
fragrant basil leaves

Sand falling out of pages, swimsuits, ears
resting on pillows and hot truck seats
as if it belongs

Tides, storms, swell…
the significance of the frigate’s slow spiral
fish balls in the bay

Sweat, heat, mirage in white light
escape to shady corners, charcoal pencils
the briny deep

Summer nights, dying shades
quiet conversations under the fan
slapping at mosquitoes, red wine

Cold showers, clean clothes
they all have holes in them
stretched and worn thru a dozen seasons

Bare feet, moon rises
bright shine on rippled water
warm skin and salt breeze

Ice melting in water spiked with lime and mint
glasses leave rings scattered across surfaces
silent signs of Summer



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