A Thank You Letter

The papers have finally come. I was not sure the day would ever arrive when we would hold in our hands the forgiveness of debts and trespasses, but it has.

Almost two years ago our brand new roaster, miscellaneous coffee equipment, truck and trailer were confiscated by the Mexican border patrol after we skipped declaring our items. It was a shock and sent us into an intensely stressful season of life. There were so many emotional ups and downs that it seemed at times we would never catch up with the kite at all but would just trail along somewhere behind, grasping desperately to keep hold of the ribbons.


So many people have congratulated us for our tenacity and said how impressed they have been by our ability to stay calm and wait through it. Maybe they never saw us on those days it was so hard we couldn’t breathe, or when we choked back tears, or when we fought behind closed doors. They didn’t hear us on those late nights when we discussed selling out and running away. It is only by the grace of God and through the help of so many people that we’ve stuck it out.

This is a thank you letter from Ben and myself to the many, many people who stood with us through this season. Thanks to those friends who brought drinks and made us laugh into the dark. Thanks to those who took our kids and gave us time to hold one another and remember the good. Thanks to you who prayed out loud and to you who prayed in the silences and to you who sent us your good thoughts and positive vibes.Thanks to you who said you always knew we’d win.

Thanks to those who lent us money with no strings attached. Thanks to those who offered to travel to the border and break the law in order to retrieve our things. Thanks to those of you who wanted to burn down the customs building but refrained when we asked you not to. Thanks also to those who controlled yourselves and didn’t call in “the big guns” to “just take care of things”. And thanks to you who reminded us that two wrongs don’t make a right. Thanks to those of you who always put your money in the tip jar when we try to thank you with coffee.

Thank you, also, to you who kept a calm and still heart in the midst of our most chaotic season. Thank you for your daily sacrifices and for looking the other way when we embarrassed ourselves with our bad attitudes. Thank you for doing sink-fulls of dishes and mopping up so much spilled milk. Thank you for living in a tent and quite literally allowing us to keep our sanity.

nov 2013 069

As we reached around the table tonight, big hands encompassing little ones, the man of the family prayed. We bowed our heads and he quietly thanked God for blessing us even when we act wrongly, even when it’s our own fault. Then he asked for help and wisdom as we step into a new season.


5 thoughts on “A Thank You Letter

  1. Hi hun. I’m sorry I didn’t know about your problems at the time they happened but thankful to God as I read/hear that He provided for everyone and everything you needed during this trial. Praise Him for always coming through for us (whether or not we find the strength to believe He will). May He continue to bless you and be your Rock. Un fuerte abrazo desde Francia, Sandra

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