A few favorite things

In the midst of this hot, humid, thundering summer, this is where I feel my soul settle down to dwell:

Sandorkraut – Not just the cool temperatures, blue jeans, and sweaters, but the house, the garden, the produce. The shelves lined with ferments and canned veggies, homemade fruit wines. The peace and quiet as he slices into the cabbage and works the magic with his hands.

Acre of Land – This album is playing at least once during the day. My favorite song from this set is, of course, Acre of Land. I imagine the garden I’ll one day have. And me with blisters, hours of grumpy weed pulling, and cool lemonade in the shade, cup of tea in the evening light, watching things grow. Taking it slow.

Per Petersen’s novel Out Stealing Horses – Love the writing style, the attention to details in the weather and nature. The character development and the way they interact with one another, with me. So many words left unwritten because they didn’t need to be written, they are there in the reader’s mind, summoned as if by a magician, to complete the feeling of the story.

Annie Dillard’s novel The Maytrees – This is my second time reading this book. The first time was 5 years ago and I love it just as much now as I did then. So many seemingly disconnected sentences and thoughts that all tie together when they are united with the reader’s imagination and soul. I can see those parabolic sand dunes even now. So much to say about love, forgiveness, compassion, the way we are as human beings and the way we can become if we want to.

And, naturally, these kiddos…


One thought on “A few favorite things

  1. Just listening to “Acre of Land” – making me smile this morning. Thinking about you – praying you have a peaceful, joy-filled day today!

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