Breathing Grace

I’m still here.

We survived Hurricane Patricia and did our best in the weeks following to help those who got hit harder than we did. DSC01227 (600x800) DSC01231 (800x600) DSC01240 (800x600)

My dad was here for two weeks to help with the aftermath of the hurricane and we were so blessed to have him sleeping on our futon! DSC01268 (600x800) DSC01253 (800x600)

Ben replaced the roof over the cafe this week and we are now cleaning and organizing so we can get open on Monday. The kids are growing and learning at breakneck speed; some days I feel like the proud teacher and other days like an exhausted referee.

I’ve blown through a few books in the last few weeks. There are always dirty dishes on the counter and wash to be dealt with. We celebrated Ben’s birthday with friends and laughter. I am planning our Thanksgiving supper and hoping for cooler temperatures.

I am still here. Still moving ahead. Breathing grace in and out.


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