Thankfull for rain

It rained. Yesterday morning I woke up to a gray, drizzle and it was easy to be thankful. So easy. I’ve been waiting for cooler temperatures since the middle of summer and the fact that I was being gifted with a cool day for my big Thanksgiving dinner was about more than I could handle. Decorating the tables, setting out the dishes, basting the turkey, stopping to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving day parade with my amazed little ones, all without dying of heat exhaustion!

The guests arrived an hour late (as is proper in a Latin country) allowing just enough time for me to light the last candle and straighten the last flower arrangement. We had Christmas music and plenty of delicious food, the children running about asking for more pie and whip cream.

We watched as the blackbirds flew from the trees behind the house into the palm trees out front and knew we would be getting more rain that night. The mulled wine simmered on the stove and mugs were refilled. We celebrated our growing friendships until finally the last guest departed, not so subtly  unbuttoning their shorts.

Even as I sat rocking my little girl, in pain with a sudden ear ache, I was at peace and thankful. Pain is part of this beautiful life and sometimes taking a break to rock in the dark and sing an old Al Green song is not such a bad thing. She fell quietly to sleep and slept all night.

I love the holidays. I love the comfort and promise, the focus on friends and family. Being welcomed into this holiday season by rain and temperatures in the mid-eighties has done my soul more good than I should probably admit. But it’s true and it’s easy to be thankful.


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