In the afternoon…

while my kids nap I often read or nap or cook. Sometimes I make a cup of coffee or iced tea and sit and search the web. I catch up on world news or email friends. Here is some of the other stuff I’ve been enjoying:

LensCulture’s Emerging Talents

Why I Hated Christian Women’s Ministry

Famous Thinker’s Daily Rituals

I love to read about other people’s rituals and am constantly refining and adapting my own and my family’s routines to fit our life in different seasons. I think it is valuable to look at our daily activities as ritual instead of schedule or a to-do list. Day to day changes can throw me off kilter if I am too set on sticking to a schedule! But if I look at the day as a series of rituals – coffee and prayer, breakfast, kitchen and plants to care for, snacks, play time, lunch, naps. . . – then I can move from one thing to the next in a kind of rhythm instead of a jerking start and stop. I am more willing to set everything down for a book or a bike ride or a conversation with a neighbor if I am aware that the purpose for that moment is an experience of life and people instead of a project list with check marks beside each line!

Failed first attempt at the Green Mango Pickle but I am going to try again! As soon as the sun comes out… we have had an amazing last few days. Rain, rain, and more rain. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen this much rainfall! We have had consistent, pouring rain for days! The temperatures have cooled right down. I’ve worn my jeans three days in a row, and often a light sweater as well! Ok, you’re right, it’s about 76 F at the coolest but, hey, that is pretty cool after the temps we’ve been having here! I love it. We are eating soups and baking bread and making pots of tea. Ben has turned the espresso machine on for cappuccinos in the afternoons. Oh glorious Autumn! I thought we would get none of you, but look! You have appeared for at least three days and I will enjoy every moment! I won’t even mind the water dripping in multiple places in my bedroom and upstairs in my kitchen because I get to lay in bed with a book and the door open listening to the rain falling outside and from upstairs I get to watch the huge waves build and crash, the crosswind blowing the spray wild.